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Fire Audit Checks

Fire Audit Checks

Fire in any occupancy has potential to cause severe damages to both life and property. Fire Safety audit is found to be the effective tool for assessing fire safety standards of occupancy. It helps the owners to identify the areas for improvement and evolve an action plan, in addition to emergency preparedness and mock drills.
We help you in conducting Fire Safety Audits for High Rise Buildings as per National Building Code of India, 2005, The Indian Electricity Rules, 1956 and other relevant safety standards to identify all hazards for taking corrective & preventive actions. We also help you to prepare emergency plans for fire safety and conduct mock drills.
  1. Testing of smoke detectors MCP systems by generating the alarm.
  2. Testing of PA Systems.
  3. Analysis of BMS systems as what all systems are integrated any lacunas will be highlighted & recommendations will be
    mentioned in the report.
  4. Testing of sprinkler pumps, Hydrant pumps, booster pumps whether they are working in auto mode.
  5. Testing of Diesel Engine pumps.
  6. Checking all Hydrant Points, hose reels with Hose drums along with condition & availability of all accessories which are
    required for making the system in healthy operational.
  7. Testing the flow level panel.

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